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    Made Status is more than just a streetwear brand; it is a team of ambitious individuals that have created a movement to inspire others to chase their dream. Though, our movement is not possible without its backbone – the Made Family. Our Made Family has expanded beyond what we could ever imagine to customers, ambassadors and homies across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia.

    Our family consists of a variety of people from different walks of life including the doers, the hustlers, the entrepreneurs, the athletes and of course the dream chasers. And yet despite our different backgrounds, we all have the same belief in the ‘from nothing to something’ message that has been promoted since day one.

    We’ve dedicated our life to this vision of producing dope streetwear which inspires and makes a positive impact across the world. As well as becoming living proof that with hard work, commitment and providing long term value for our community. Our success is judged by how much of a difference we make in people’s lives.

    Founder and CEO