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    Sold out in 2015  |  Limited release in 2016 |  Now with Moisture Management Technology


    We know what it feels like to be down and out, to face adversity. All it ever takes is one person – just one person – to see your true potential and not give up on you when you already have. As that's what someone did for me, I want to pay this shit forward.
    The Brotherhood 2.0 Jersey represents loyalty, strength, and having your brothers’ back.

    No bullshit – this has been our all-time bestseller, a follow-up to last year's massively successful, sold-out summer jersey. Now we are back with a brand-new design, made upgrades, and infused it with moisture management technology for maximum breathability, style, and performance.




    "I've spent 29 years of my life searching for answers, that connection of brotherhood and loyalty. My father left at a very early age, so my grandfather has always been my father figure. My grandfather was a soldier in the Australian Army for a large majority of his life, and this was my inspiration for joining. 

    I believe strongly in the values of brotherhood & loyalty. Brotherhood to me is having your mates' back, no matter what."

    This jersey is currently on preorder. Orders will not be sent until early to mid November, with only 100 pieces on the way.

    Brotherhood and loyalty are values we hold in high regard. Be part of history and cop one of the first 100 Brotherhood 2.0 Jersey to hit the independent streetwear scene worldwide. 




    Much love,