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     The Made Status belief is simple; we inspire dedicated individuals to turn their dreams from nothing to something.

    Like many others, Marty Cornish has been through adversity after being raised by a single parent to frequently moving between low income housing. Despite his environment, from a young age Marty has always had an entrepreneurial flare — selling video games and energy drinks at high school to even collecting lost golf balls and re-selling them the next day to local golfers.

    In 2009, as an advertising and sales professional, Marty realised his full potential and created the Made Status concept. Acknowledging his financial struggles, he later joined the Australian Army and saved his first pay cheques to print the first 15 shirts and sold them to friends.

    By 2014, the dream was finally a reality, Made Status Clothing was officially a launched streetwear brand. With a full time vision and a growing base of dedicated followers, Made Status was becoming recognised both within Australia and internationally.

    Now, the brand is shipping products to countries including America, Canada, Malaysia, Belgium and England. As well as collaborating with influencers, hip-hop artists and elite athletes such as Josh Dugan, Meek Mill, Heat Ledger, Bliss N Eso and many international NFL players. 

    More so than ever, the Made Status vision is clear. We want to become the number one inspiration streetwear movement in the world.