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    Astute Collection

    Astute Collection

    Astute - “Showing an ability to accurately assess situations and turn this to one's advantage”. 

    We all face adversity at different stages in life, that's just the weight of life. How you handle the situation, that's the difference. 

    For over six months we researched, looked for what really inspires us, produced samples, didn't rush the process, as all great things take time. The Astute collection represents just that and more. More than just another range of products, more than just another design. 

    This collection symboles love for what we do, love for the culture which inspires us, for the love of the grind, that our endeavour to elevate, connect, and inspire through a movement is from our heart, and is real as it gets, the way we see it, this really is just the beginning for our movement.